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Returning to Hattie
Can true love survive a lifetime . . . or two?

Derek Worthington has neglected the personal relationships to those closest to him and compromised his morals to gain wealth, stature, and power. He is unaware that his wife, Jane, is fed up with the arrogant and uncaring man he has become and is secretly planning a divorce.

After surviving a brain aneurysm, Derek begins to have vivid recurring visions of a group of somewhat familiar people from a different place in time. He tries to pass them off as mere dreams, but the constant visions begin to intrude relentlessly into his daily life.

Taking an uncharacteristic risk, he decides to undergo a past life regression, which results in the total recall of his past life as Charles Richardson, a poor Black man who died in the 1940s.

While keeping this inconceivable revelation to himself, Derek begins to dig deeper into his life as Charles and discovers unexpected connections that threaten to disrupt all he has known.

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Returning to Hattie is a past life romance novel that explores the idea of past life recollections and how the power of love can transform a person.

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