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About Me

I have always been a storyteller in one way or another, making up bedtime stories for my children and very often imagining an idea for a story through every day life experiences. I wrote my first script when I was a child, writing and directing a play, which included the neighborhood kids and using my backyard as the stage.

Trying to find time to put down some of my ideas on paper was difficult with the busy life I was living with my family. When the time was right and I suddenly found myself with some spare time, I began my writing endeavor. With the support of my husband and family, I dove full speed into the next chapter of my life as an aspiring author. I felt as if I was doing something that I was meant to do and have found it to be very fulfilling. I've learned so much, met so many interesting people and made new friends along the way. I will forever be so grateful for my wonderful husband and family who have encouraged and helped me throughout this new chapter of my life that we've all been on together. 


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