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My Screenplays

I have always loved movies and actually began my first foray into writing by writing screenplays. After completing four scripts, which included HOA, The Sister Wife, Returning to Hattie, and A Ghostly Betrayal, I then wrote the latter two, Returning to Hattie and A Ghostly Betrayal, as novels.
It's been very rewarding for me to be on this path of creative storytelling. Writing screenplays and novels are two very different mediums that utilize two very different writing techniques. The basic elements of writing a screenplay are description, action and dialogue. Using a voice over, or narrator, in the script can give insight into a character's thoughts and feelings as well as important information concerning the backstory, but using voice overs are discouraged in the industry. When writing a novel, however, the writer can include detailed narrative revealing the characters' feelings, memories, thoughts and any information pertinent to the back story. I really enjoyed that aspect of writing a novel as opposed to writing screenplays and having to adhere to the strict rules and formatting, which can be very challenging at times. Overall, it's been an interesting journey I've been on, and I'm enjoying every step along the way.   


A Comedy

Logline: Moving into a gated community in Florida can be heavenly, unless you move in next door to the homeowners' association president from hell.

The Sister Wife

A Romantic Thriller

Logline: A policewoman investigating a kidnapping goes undercover into a polygamist sect as a sister wife and finds herself drawn into a deadly love triangle.

Returning to Hattie

A Spiritual Romance

Logline: An egotistical man consumed with wealth and stature begins a spiritual transformation after recalling vivid memories of a past life as a poor man in the 1940s.

A Ghostly Betrayal

A Paranormal Thriller

The anguished spirits of two World War II lovers seek revenge when their self-portraits are reunited by two newlyweds.

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